Traffic-Splash review

Thursday, June 04, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 11:38 AM is one of the top rated Traffic Exchange network , what you get here is a unique three-way advertising system .

  1. Manual traffic exchange ( you view other's site , other's views yours , the more you visit , the more you get viewed )

  2. Banners placed throughout the site

  3. Text link advertising

Free members will receive approx 250 hits per hour ( 3 to 1 ratio ; you visit 3 pages of others and in return you get one hit to your site ) , paid members get approx 750 hits per hour and 1 to 1 ratio on surfing . They do not allow do not allow sites which are, framebreakers, hatesites, warez, viruses, adult sites, gambling sites, hyip, autosurfs or anything illegal . Apart from that you will also get tons goodies such as referral contest , surfing bonus , daily surfing rewards and much more , so be sure to check this one out

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