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Twitter Changes Terms of Service ( TOS )

Posted by Collins Matthew on Saturday, September 12, 2009 , under | comments (0)

I just received an email from the co-founder of Twitter with their latest edition of TOS , as you can see below is some snippets of the TOS

Basic Terms
What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you Tweet!

We're leaving the door open for exploration in this area but we don't have anything to announce.


You can opt-out of most communications from Twitter including our newsletter, new follower emails, etc. Please see the Notices tab of Settings for more.

Restrictions on Content and Use of the Services

Twitter does not disclose personally identifying information to third parties except in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We encourage and permit broad re-use of Content. The Twitter API exists to enable this

Read Full TOS Here ...

twittAD Review

Posted by Collins Matthew on Sunday, July 26, 2009 , under | comments (6)

Monetize Your Twitter Profile

Twittad is a Social Media Affinity Network that connects Advertisers and Twitter users. By using Twittad, Twitter users can monetize their profiles & Advertisers can reach ALL of Twitter; the Website, 3rd Party Applications and Mobile Devices!

Twittad offers 2 ways to monetize your Twitter profile

  1. Post Twitter account for advertisers to sponsor
  2. Select your duration & price
  3. Wait for advertiser to sponsor
  4. Accept or Deny the proposed ad within 48 hours of sponsorship
  5. If you accept the ad we will use the Twitter API to upload the ad to your Twitter profile
  6. 1-Tweet Promo Sent
  7. At the end of the tenure Final Tweet Sent
Note : The advertiser is not purchasing your account, they are simply sponsoring it for whatever time period you offer
Opt-In to Advertiser Campaign

Twittad´s newest feature allows you to search for available Advertiser campaigns based on what interests you. For example, if you are a small business owner on Twitter you can advertise a product that interests you, and get paid to do it!

RewTwt Review

Posted by Collins Matthew on Friday, June 12, 2009 , under | comments (6)

RevTwt Revenue from tweets , formerly known as TwtAd currently the largest conversation ad network publishing to over 15,343,922 Twitter followers! . I'll break it down to 3 major ads campaign you will be able to run

Cost Per Click ( CPC ) . You post ads on your tweets and someone clicks on the ad , you make money per click . Click fraud is monitored real time so don't try to cheat
You will be able to post ads manually or automaticaly ( 1 - 2 ads per day )
Ability to choose your own ads to post , choose from many categories , highest payout , newest ads , be wise on choosing your ads as they are geo-targeted ( Example: You chose to post the highest payout ad which is 10cents per click , but that click only counts it it came from a certain country specified by the advertisers . Clicks currently ranges from $0.04 to $0.20 per valid click.

Cost Per Thousand ( CPT ) . A fixed fee for posting CPT ads into your twitter timeline , you will need to meet the minimum requirement of the advertiser of followers in order to use this campaign

Cost Per Thoudsands varies from the country your located and the amount of followers you have , fail to meet this requiremnt , you will not see the ads campaign on the page . You will just have to check back later or just go out there and get yourself more followers
Cost Per Action ( CPA ) Ads in every email you sent, or post them in your forum post, blog comment, social network status update, wall post and make money from and every social conversation you have on the Internet! When other people complete an action, typically submit an email or zip code, you get paid.
Action given by advertisers , you will need to copy the excact ad ( NO changes to be made ) or you will not be paid , submit the ad on your website , tweet , email , blog . Check their TOS to ensuse your on the right track of posting those ads . Earnings will be posted on your stats 2-3 days after a user has completed the required action , Big bucks to be earn here
As for referrals program , you will get 20% of their earnings for life , sounds good to me . You can choose between 2 ways of payout . Paypal will be your default payout method untill request otherwise

  • Paypal : Once you have reach $20 in your account . Withdrawal requests made before Tuesday 11:59pm are processed on Thursday and Friday of the same week. Withdrawal requests made after Tuesday 11:59pm will be processed on Thursday and Friday of the following week.
  • Check : Once you have reached $100 or more , you may request withdrawal by check. Payment by check requires 15 days to process
Other features includes detailed daily statistics , forum , you can have several twitter accounts under one roof and choose to auto post ads ( 1 -2 ads per day ) on all of them , saves you some time . Minimum time between ads is 3 hours

That's about covers it . Enjoy the Smarter ways to make twitter money :)

microWorkers review

Posted by Collins Matthew on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 , under | comments (8)

microWorkers , a name that speaks for itself . A really great site to get things done " Literally" , This program consists of 2 main groups . " The Workers and The Employee " Let me break it down to you on how this program works

1) Workers

  • Register for free
  • Select a job
  • Finish the job and submit proof
  • Good job , you've earned some money!
A worker gets to pick any of the job listed and complete it only if you qualify , do not accept a job that you can't finish , if you accept a job and submit a fake proof , you will earn yourself a red flag , 3 red flags and your out ( Account Terminated) , Jobs will be paid after your employee reviews your job and rates it as Satisfied ( Max within 7 days ) Top paying jobs i have seen so far is $1 per job - $6 per job

2) Employee

  • Need help getting something done?
  • Start a new campaign and hire some workers
  • Review and rate tasks completed by workers
  • Successful campaign
Employee comes with a bigger responsibility as you start your first campaign , I am the Boss !! Lets hire some workers and don't get too carried away ( Always read the Not acceptable & acceptable campaigns first ) The link is in that very page . After getting your campaign running , please do check back often to " Pay your workers " as rated tasks to be done . as per "Satisfied or Not Satisfied " . All tasks that are failed to be reviewed in 7 days will be automatically be paid . Min wages per worker varies from $0.03 upwards and Min workers per campaign varies from 15 workers onwards

Bonus and payouts
Each new member will be given a $2 bonus , don't get all to excited you can't cash out that $2 , better yet you will be able to use that $2 to start a new campaign . Earn $1 bonus per referral .What ? Yes you guessed it . You will only get your dollar after your referral earns $25 :)

Payout limit is $10 , payments are sent via PayPal, Moneybookers or Check , payments are processed in 10-15 working days , check delivery can take up to 20 days, depends on mail services . More payment options will be available later

VERY Inportant Notes
As you first join the program , register with your genuine info such as mailing address and your full name ( You will not be able to change those 2 details after registration ) , reason why i am telling you this inportant note is you might risk not getting paid with false info . They will send you a PIN to your mailing address when you make your first cashout ( One time only process ) , this will ensure all members are verified and can't open multiple accounts

Lets discuss on the Satisfied or Not Satisfied of this program :)

BuxWiz review

Posted by Collins Matthew on Sunday, June 07, 2009 , under | comments (11)

Bux Wiz is a very promising program as you can see through their members stats even though they are still on pre-launch .Through this beta phrase evey new member who joins will be givin a free " Wizard " membership , and also a referral contest till the grand opening , the top 5 persons with the highest number of referrals by the end of the beta will receive a surprise gift . Detailed statistic and graf of your earnings through your own clicks and your referrals . Mininmum cashout is $2

  • Earn up to $0.01 per click

  • Earn up to $0.005 for every referral click

Advertising starts at only $2 with the following benefits;

  • Cheap prices combined with campaign system

  • Anti Cheat system

  • Pausing ads

  • Distributing clicks amongst different ones

  • Removing a campaign and replacing it with another

  • Demographic filters on your advertisement

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