Trafficpods review

Friday, June 05, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 11:41 AM is one Traffic Exchange network where you will hear the term "PODS" ( collection of websites that members surf through ) quiet often , apart from the normal traffic credits you will ge getting here is once you join and start surfing , you will have to go through the first pod of the trafficpods ladder which consist of 10 websites randomly generated of active campaigns , and go on surfing the next pod , after completing 10 pods you will enter the bonus pod , which does not give you normal credit but instead gives you a chance of winning much more bonus credits with of course your normal gambling risk , after going through that , you will go on surfing more pods till you reach your 100th pod which will enter you to the Super pod ( Bonus Pod ) where you you'll find big rewards such as cash jackpots , you will enter super pods for every 100 pods you surfed . After completing all the 1000 pods you will gain a level up and be given a mini pod of your own which gives you more rewards in time . I know its sounds complicated but its really rewarding in terms of surfing and exchange is concern

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  1. Thank you very much , i will keep my contents updated