Thursday, May 28, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 11:47 AM

Now this one here is currently under beta , but what you'll get upon joining is something special , you get to be a pioneer member of bux-service in their early beta stages . What i liked about this new website is that you will get 10 referrals from them for 30 days if your an active forum poster , 150 post will earn you just that . Apart from the 0.8 cents / click , 0.8 cents / ref click , they also provide monthly upgrades available with referral renting system , they pay through paypal and alertpay , new but many improvements has been made .

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  1. Imran_A says:

    Bux-Service is cool, That pays well But they say that it only works in mozilla firefox, Google Chorme, Safari etc., But they soon should support Internet explorer also. Thank you for the Blog.

  1. Thank you very much on that info , i am so used to firefox , never even bothered to try on IE