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Friday, June 12, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 3:25 PM

RevTwt Revenue from tweets , formerly known as TwtAd currently the largest conversation ad network publishing to over 15,343,922 Twitter followers! . I'll break it down to 3 major ads campaign you will be able to run

Cost Per Click ( CPC ) . You post ads on your tweets and someone clicks on the ad , you make money per click . Click fraud is monitored real time so don't try to cheat
You will be able to post ads manually or automaticaly ( 1 - 2 ads per day )
Ability to choose your own ads to post , choose from many categories , highest payout , newest ads , be wise on choosing your ads as they are geo-targeted ( Example: You chose to post the highest payout ad which is 10cents per click , but that click only counts it it came from a certain country specified by the advertisers . Clicks currently ranges from $0.04 to $0.20 per valid click.

Cost Per Thousand ( CPT ) . A fixed fee for posting CPT ads into your twitter timeline , you will need to meet the minimum requirement of the advertiser of followers in order to use this campaign

Cost Per Thoudsands varies from the country your located and the amount of followers you have , fail to meet this requiremnt , you will not see the ads campaign on the page . You will just have to check back later or just go out there and get yourself more followers
Cost Per Action ( CPA ) Ads in every email you sent, or post them in your forum post, blog comment, social network status update, wall post and make money from and every social conversation you have on the Internet! When other people complete an action, typically submit an email or zip code, you get paid.
Action given by advertisers , you will need to copy the excact ad ( NO changes to be made ) or you will not be paid , submit the ad on your website , tweet , email , blog . Check their TOS to ensuse your on the right track of posting those ads . Earnings will be posted on your stats 2-3 days after a user has completed the required action , Big bucks to be earn here
As for referrals program , you will get 20% of their earnings for life , sounds good to me . You can choose between 2 ways of payout . Paypal will be your default payout method untill request otherwise

  • Paypal : Once you have reach $20 in your account . Withdrawal requests made before Tuesday 11:59pm are processed on Thursday and Friday of the same week. Withdrawal requests made after Tuesday 11:59pm will be processed on Thursday and Friday of the following week.
  • Check : Once you have reached $100 or more , you may request withdrawal by check. Payment by check requires 15 days to process
Other features includes detailed daily statistics , forum , you can have several twitter accounts under one roof and choose to auto post ads ( 1 -2 ads per day ) on all of them , saves you some time . Minimum time between ads is 3 hours

That's about covers it . Enjoy the Smarter ways to make twitter money :)

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  1. BanhMi says:

    This review is so cool. I make about $100 or more a week just put ads on my blog.

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  1. vikky says:

    Hey thanks for the review man.
    I feel like it is the one of the legit and easy way to earn through online. I have just started using this.
    Once again thanks for the review

  1. Carl Duckett says:

    this is great information. I have just reached the minimum number of followers that they require. I will sign up and give this a try. Thanks for the info.

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