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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 3:55 PM

microWorkers , a name that speaks for itself . A really great site to get things done " Literally" , This program consists of 2 main groups . " The Workers and The Employee " Let me break it down to you on how this program works

1) Workers

  • Register for free
  • Select a job
  • Finish the job and submit proof
  • Good job , you've earned some money!
A worker gets to pick any of the job listed and complete it only if you qualify , do not accept a job that you can't finish , if you accept a job and submit a fake proof , you will earn yourself a red flag , 3 red flags and your out ( Account Terminated) , Jobs will be paid after your employee reviews your job and rates it as Satisfied ( Max within 7 days ) Top paying jobs i have seen so far is $1 per job - $6 per job

2) Employee

  • Need help getting something done?
  • Start a new campaign and hire some workers
  • Review and rate tasks completed by workers
  • Successful campaign
Employee comes with a bigger responsibility as you start your first campaign , I am the Boss !! Lets hire some workers and don't get too carried away ( Always read the Not acceptable & acceptable campaigns first ) The link is in that very page . After getting your campaign running , please do check back often to " Pay your workers " as rated tasks to be done . as per "Satisfied or Not Satisfied " . All tasks that are failed to be reviewed in 7 days will be automatically be paid . Min wages per worker varies from $0.03 upwards and Min workers per campaign varies from 15 workers onwards

Bonus and payouts
Each new member will be given a $2 bonus , don't get all to excited you can't cash out that $2 , better yet you will be able to use that $2 to start a new campaign . Earn $1 bonus per referral .What ? Yes you guessed it . You will only get your dollar after your referral earns $25 :)

Payout limit is $10 , payments are sent via PayPal, Moneybookers or Check , payments are processed in 10-15 working days , check delivery can take up to 20 days, depends on mail services . More payment options will be available later

VERY Inportant Notes
As you first join the program , register with your genuine info such as mailing address and your full name ( You will not be able to change those 2 details after registration ) , reason why i am telling you this inportant note is you might risk not getting paid with false info . They will send you a PIN to your mailing address when you make your first cashout ( One time only process ) , this will ensure all members are verified and can't open multiple accounts

Lets discuss on the Satisfied or Not Satisfied of this program :)

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  1. Hendri , Care to translate that into English ?

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