Trafficstorm4u review

Saturday, June 06, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 11:43 AM

Trafficstorm4u runs by Linda C Brand has been doing extremely well nor doubt its a new and young site , but with over 3,000 members in their first 2 months is a hat off from me . They offer daily surfing rewards , weekly surfing contest which not only earns you tons of traffic as you surf but CASH when you make the top 4, yes give me some sweet G's , all you got to do is keep surfing the net . Payout is made out within 7 working days , don't take my words for it , check their testimonials .

A new feature is that you will be able to do a 3 way surf ;
The basic idea is - Surf at 3 sites at the same time and earn bonus credits at all 3 sites

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