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Sunday, June 07, 2009 , Posted by Collins Matthew at 11:49 AM

Bux Wiz is a very promising program as you can see through their members stats even though they are still on pre-launch .Through this beta phrase evey new member who joins will be givin a free " Wizard " membership , and also a referral contest till the grand opening , the top 5 persons with the highest number of referrals by the end of the beta will receive a surprise gift . Detailed statistic and graf of your earnings through your own clicks and your referrals . Mininmum cashout is $2

  • Earn up to $0.01 per click

  • Earn up to $0.005 for every referral click

Advertising starts at only $2 with the following benefits;

  • Cheap prices combined with campaign system

  • Anti Cheat system

  • Pausing ads

  • Distributing clicks amongst different ones

  • Removing a campaign and replacing it with another

  • Demographic filters on your advertisement

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  1. SH says:

    this is a good webite that gives us the review of new, good and trusted paying PTC Sites..

    I will follow the sites inorder to know about PTC sites and also to know about scam sites..

    Good Website thanks mate..

  1. Thank you so much for supporting mate :)

  1. jonivee says:

    i am already a member of buxwiz just few eeks ago and i am on my way of reaching my first payout. hope they pay.

  1. For what i know its still on beta and i don't think they are paying yet , as far as i know the only pay out before the official is the " Referral Contest " Which is said to have a special prize to the winner

  1. D' Polygon says:

    wow clearly your BLOG is much better than mine!!! Great!!! you created that flash at the top of the page?

  1. Thanks D' Polygon , i did some tweaking here and there to suit my taste , but i am not the creator of this template , the slider on the top is actually done in css . You can check the link at the footer for more info

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post. I was looking for some genuine PTC sites to join. This one looks trust worthy

  1. Ekin says:

    I hope they pay. I am clicking all ads every day .
    By the way you have a good blog. Hope you go on with new nice bux sites.

  1. mikomyko says:

    Wow.. I am a tech guy! But I just learned recently about the fast and growing PTC sites. It really helps and very connvenient for an extra income. I will surely try buxwiz now. Your blog is great even a newbee will be encouraged!

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